When my son was 4 years old, he asked me during dinner if dinosaurs (Allosaurus in particular) could swim. I wrongly said no, but it gave me a good idea to teach him to look before jumping and how to right your wrongs in life.

He took a 10 day trip with my wife, and when he returned, I had a rough draft for what was to become Ollie and Tugg. After a rough start when meeting a pelican named Tugg, he eventually finds a way to swim and in the process learns a few things about life and friendship.


A Sweet Story with Lovely Art
This is a beautifully illustrated book that carries some great messages: realize when you've been selfish and make amends, and in the end, your friends will help with your problems if you've treated them well. The artwork looks like there are paintings right on the pages of the book. The colors are vivid and the characters are very expressive. Kids will definitely giggle at the sight of the plucked pelican and at the shocked dinosaurs as Ollie attempts to swim.
I bought a couple copies recently for my friends having baby showers within the next month so that they would have a unique and colorful book on the shelf to share with their new children.

This is a very sweet story about pursuing a passion and friendship
This is a very sweet story about pursuing a passion and friendship. The text and concepts are very easy for primary grade children to understand and easily lends itself to discussion of these topics. The pictures are colorful, charming and silly enough to promote more discussion. A wonderful book to use in a home or classroom setting! I have purchased this book to give as birthday presents and donated a copy to our town library. Now that the characters and their friendship are established, I look forward to reading about many more of their adventures!

Wonderful Book!
I am not one who usually writes reviews however, I felt compelled to do so with this book because I loved it so much. It is a sweet story about a determined dinosaur named Ollie who wants to learn how to swim and a pelican Ollie later befriends named Tugg. I liked the life lessons and story so much that I am going to purchase another as a gift for my 4 year old niece. I highly recommend it. I ordered it on Amazon and it arrived the next day.

Don't give up! Believe in yourself
Delightful story, with so much heart. Lovely, whimsical illustrations. Such a wonderful underlying message about friendship, believing in yourself and the idea that all of us have a special contribution to make, no matter who we are. Both kids and adults will love it.

Nice children book
Nice children book that teaches to never give up your dreams and to be nice to others so one can find good friends along the way. Funny illustrations make it fun for children and adults alike.