Gold Medal in the fable category, for the Readers Favorite 2015 International Book Awards and Finalist of the 2015 International Book Awards. Award winning (Junior Library Guild) author/illustrator, Gary Bernard's third picture book. "An inspiring, educational, lushly illustrated, multilingual, story. The Moth and The Sun is the definition of pure delight.. If you enjoy classic storytelling, magic and books that are meant to last, then The Moth and the Sun is for you!"


This Beautiful Book Is A Must
The Moth and the Sun by Gary Bernard (hardcover Year Twenty) is one of the most delightful, charming, and intelligent books for children seen by me in many years. The book is a must for all school libraries and home school students alike. It is beautifully designed and executed from cover to end-papers. Supplemented with Your Story after reading with the fifteen illustrations perking the child's imagination. It is also an exercise in language arts from the books text in French, English, and Spanish. With several preliminary sketches by Mr. Bernard which demonstrate "another way of doing". These sketches are alive and singing in their looseness and freedom of thin curving lines like kite strings. Gary Bernard's exquisite illustrations for his text are full page and expressive of an intimate knowledge of the traditions of Western art. They remind one of the graphic work of Georges Seurat and especially the use of arabesques of Felix Feneon. His richness of black and its depth as subject matter also recall Lee Bontecou for further investigation for teacher and student. As a teaching tool, Mr. Gary Bernard's "Moth and the Sun" excels in putting John Dewey's pragmatic education methods into practice - in a most charming way for children, and for those who are sensitive to works of art as experience.
Former Director of the Art Department of The Barnes Foundation, former Director of the Arboretum of The Barnes Foundation

 Reading of The Moth and the Sun at a Philadelphia school 2015

Reading of The Moth and the Sun at a Philadelphia school 2015

“My Kindergarten students loved Mr. Bernard! They were so excited to meet a real author/illustrator. Gary read his book to us, and answered a lot of questions. He also showed the students his sketchbook, with many other drawings he’s made. The children really enjoyed him and he was very patient with the young ones. He conveyed the lessons of his story nicely, and kept things on their level well. We really enjoyed his visit!”  Mrs. Arkainno, Pennsauken NJ 

"It was such a pleasure to have Gary Bernard visit my 6th grade Language Arts classes. Our inner city school in downtown Los Angeles seldom, if ever, gets visits of authors/illustrators, especially of the caliber of Gary Bernard. Mr. Bernard involved my students in a fun classroom activity, having them do quick-writes to each of his wonderful drawings of his book, "The Moth and The Sun" - a book surely destined to become a classic children's classic. It was an amazing experience for my students, an experience that will always be remembered with a copy of his book, kept in its special display case in our library."
Roy Maclean, John Liechty Middle School, LAUSD CA

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The Moth and the Sun carries positive message...
Children are our future. We are responsible to future generations to teach good moral values and provide positive inspiration to do good. The Moth and the Sun carries positive message that "no matter how small we are, we can still achieve great things". Another message is "not to judge book by its cover" - "things are not always what they seem from the far", teaching that we should never assume or judge before we know the truth. I would recommend this book to others.

This is a beautiful interactive tale that will encourage young children to reach for their dreams ...
A “worn metal box” was hiding beneath the soil, just waiting to be found. An old man, a gardener, began to till the soil. Perhaps there were stones and worms to be unearthed, but no, there was the box. Inside the box was a treasure, a book with magical powers, but he didn’t take the time to open the box. Yes, there was a treasure to be found within its pages, but who was going to discover it? Once tossed into the streets a pair of hands opened the box only to find a simple book. Ah, yes, but was the book just a mere book? It was not just a book, but rather one that was “said by some to have a magical power.” The artist who penned the words and created the beautiful pages could be found in the streets of long ago Paris. The most unusual thing was that he was “almost always surrounded by a flutter of moths and butterflies.” He was a man who brought fear to the hearts of some, yet the children were drawn to him. Papillon de Nuit was like the Pied Piper of Hamlin and the children wrote their stories to bring his illustrations to life.
The book began to come together, that book that was in that old box. It was a treasure indeed and the story had begun. A little moth was going to reach to the skies and realize his dream, a dream that would bring him to the sun. All over Paris one could see that little moth, but would he capture his dream? Ah, there he is on the piano keys. “He danced in the air, and the piano played with him.” He fluttered amongst the trees, landed in a archway, flew around a cathedral, and even touched the water. Would the little moth ever reach for the stars and touch the sun?
This is a beautiful interactive tale that will encourage young children to reach for their dreams. The tale, told both in French, English, and Spanish, is accompanied by amazing artwork created by using black dots on one paper. It reminds me of pointillism, but is much more detailed and beautiful. The message that Papillon de Nuit magical book imparts is that even the smallest person can do great things. “Things look different from far away. Small things can become great things,” states the knight. Yet, as the moth exclaims, “I am small.” In the back matter is a place where children can write their own treasured story next to thumbnail reproductions of the artwork. One of the most amazing tales I’ve read in quite some time.

Drawn toward good things in life like a moth is drawn to the light
The book begins with a prologue about a fictional Parisian artist/author who showed his drawings to children and asked them to write their own stories to go with the images. Those who did were then given the precious gift of realizing their dreams. When the artist was very old, he wrote his own story to accompany a set of drawings, leaving the last page empty, asking whoever found the story to write their own dreams on the page and tell others to do the same. That's the background for the story that follows in this unique kind of book, written and illustrated in the style of an old manuscript, with French and Spanish translations of the English text. The story follows a moth on his meandering journey to visit the sun. At the end of the story are thumbnails of the book's illustrations, with space to write your own story. You could take the moth's story at face value, or you could use your own interpretation of the events in the story. One obvious interpretation is that people are drawn toward good things in life like a moth is drawn to the light, but the journey may be a difficult one with many interruptions and distractions.
However you approach it, the book is a unique way to spark the imagination.

The Moth and the Sun
I LOVED this book! It is really for both children and adults. the story is simple yet complex. I liked the back of the book where other story lines can be written. I think this would be a wonderful learning tool for any teacher or parent to encourage imagination and writing skills in youngsters. The artwork is fascinating especially knowing it is done with dots. I also love the multiple languages on each page. Also a wonderful enrichment tool. Fascinating to see the story written in different tongues. I purchased 2 copies. One will be mine to add to my library and the other will be used in my daughters classroom so many children can experience this wonderful piece of literature. Well done Gary Bernard!

The Moth and the Sun is a wonderful book for everyone!
I gave this book the top rating of five stars because it's interesting, educational and appealing to all ages. I intend to share this book with all my adult children, and grandchildren, other family members and all my friends. Everybody will enjoy this excellent book. It's easy to read and fun to look at and so interesting. It's a most impressive book and will be a big success. The author, Gary Bernard, has done a great job and should be so proud. Everything about the book is great and I will read it over and over again. I look forward to your next book, Gary.

5ive Stars!
The Moth and The Sun is the definition of pure delight. The story is engaging for both the child and the adult reading to the child, but beyond that the drawings pull you into the story. Smartly put together in English, French, and Spanish with the illustrator's hand sketches in the back of the book which will intrigue the budding artist and make them think of the book's production process in addition to the book's story. The hard bound version feels good to the touch and the graphic design makes this a book that you can judge by it's cover and the pages within.

A treasure chest of a Parisian story
This is an unusual and engaging book that presents a loose, graphic story that purports to relate the experience of a moth’s travels in Paris as imagined by an artist and a community of Parisian children several generations in the past. The restrained, pointillist illustrations provide compelling mythic images that challenge the reader to “connect the dots,” with rich opportunities for all levels of reader. This book deserves equal consideration as an excellent work of graphic art, a stimulating reading experience, and a valuable educational resource.

Incredibly beautiful book! Keep this one on your coffee table!
This book isn't just beautifully illustrated, it is a warm, heart felt story that children of all ages will love and can grow from. It sparks the imagination and inspires the reader to write their own story which is wonderful for any young mind. I love that it is a multi-lingual book that also allows children to learn along with stimulating the creative side of their brain. I'm looking forward to more!

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